5 Tips On Choosing The Best Bathroom Seat

In this modern times, bathroom furniture has become not only a normal feature, but also a necessary one. Ever since the private bathrooms were invented, people have sought ways of making it more comfortable and more suitable to individual needs and including a bathroom seat is just one of the modern ideas. Other people are made to include a bathroom seat for safety reason or for health and adaptability/disability reasons. Whichever reason you are using to include it, here are some points to consider when choosing one.

  • Hygiene

When choosing a bathroom seat that you will have to put in the bath or shower, ensure that it is easy to clean. Avoid wood since it will most likely rot. In addition, avoid materials that will corrode or rust easily due to the bath oils, salts and some harsh soaps that people use daily.

  • Anti-slip surface

You will most likely be using this item in the bathtub or shower where the soap and water mixture is in abundance. Make sure that your seat has an anti-slip surface both on the seat since you do not want to keep on sliding off the chair and on the legs to prevent the chair from moving underneath you.

  • Adjustability/stability

You should also consider that not all family members or people are comfortable using a shower seat or bath seat. There are bath seats that are adjustable and can be easily moved out or over the toilet when one does not need it. There are also adjustable seats that rotate positions and can facilitate movement and comfort. No matter how adjustable your seat is it should be easily stabilized to avoid a bathroom accident.

  • Easy drainage

Avoid chairs or seats that will collect water in various crevices. This water could easily be a breeding ground for vermin and if the seat is not cleaned after every bath, it will affect your hygiene. Avoid seats that will block the drainage of your bath or shower.

  • Comfort

Finally yet importantly, the seat should be comfortable. You do not have to miss a good shower or bath time just because you have to use a seat and the seat is uncomfortable. Use a seat with a comfortable length and if you are not sure buy one with an adjustable length. Even as you need a seat that will fit into your shower or tub, do not make it too narrow so as it becomes uncomfortable to use.