Creating a Wow Factor in the Bathroom Using Bathroom Light Fixtures

Whenever you are out on vacations and have to stay in luxurious hotels, how many times have you found yourself exclaiming “wow” every time you take a step and get inside your bathroom area? Truly, there is something different and glamorous about luxurious hotel bathrooms that make you gush about their beauty each time you behold them. Well, you can’t just have this experience reserved for hotel rooms anymore. You can bring this experience right into your home, too.

Your private bathroom at home need not be dull and pale largely in comparison to that of the hotels. While you may not be able to pack a Jacuzzi inside your own space, certainly you can learn a thing or two about what makes their bathrooms look grand and luxurious. In truth, you don’t have to invest in very expensive tile floors, shower heads or vanity sinks. You can have simple things yet you can get your modest bath and toilet transformed into something lavish and grand simply by tweaking the bathroom lighting. The use of bathroom light fixtures is the secret to creating a wow factor in the bathroom.

Take a look at the bathroom light fixtures in your home. If you only have a ceiling light and a wall sconce on the mirror area then clearly you have something lacking in your space. Do you remember stepping in to the hotel’s bathroom space? You will probably notice right away that there are just too many light switches in the wall. Every space is well-defined and given the proper lighting. There are lights that are designated right above the shower, the toilet and the counter. There are also wall sconces on the vanity mirror and perhaps under-cabinet lights on the storage compartments.

Clearly, you can have as many lights as you want in this space. The premise “less is more” simply doesn’t apply here. You should see to it that there is adequate and proper task, general and accent lighting in the room. This is because when the room is well-lit, they can look very sophisticated.

It just imparts that when the lighting is well-thought of, the area becomes orchestrated for lavish and luxurious stay. Definitely, no one would want to leave a cozy and inviting space. You can feel totally relaxed, remain at ease and be amazed by the splendor and glamour exuded by your bathroom area. When you see to it that your private bath and toilet is beautifully-illuminated, you can be sure that even you will be wowed by your bathroom every single day.