Get the Clutter Out – Bathrooms

One place that can be disorganized and cluttered is the bathroom. This is one area of the house that all household members use more than once a day and should be given attention. Not everyone will have the luxury of having their own private bathroom so it is important to have one that is clean and tidy at all times.

As in other rooms in the home, organizing is the key to have a clutter-free bathroom. Clutter on the counter can be stopped by making each user aware of where items should be placed. Makeup, shaving cream, toothpaste, brushes, hair accessories and similar items should have their own place in the bathroom. Apart from decluttering, it is important to sanitize the place so it will not harbor bacteria and viruses.

A bathroom is where medicine cabinets are usually installed. Take time to open the medicine cabinet and see how items are stored. Actually, the bathroom is not a good place to store medicines because it is humid and hot especially when a heater is there for hot showers. It is recommended that you do not store medicines in the bathroom but use the medicine cabinet as a repository of needed items like the shaving cream and razor, the dental floss and like items. You can place extra soap or shampoo inside medicine cabinets so you do not have to go out in case you ran out.

Tell household members not to dump everything in the medicine cabinet but place items in the storage it has been provided for. Toothbrushes can have covered toothbrush holders where the toothpaste can also be placed. Combs and brushes can be placed in decorative baskets or plastic.

You can have overhead closed shelves installed so you can store towels and shower supplies. In this manner, all your bathroom needs will be in the same place. You also save time and effort if in case you look for things.

Clutter on bathroom floors is common especially when there are children. Soiled clothes are the usual clutter. To remedy this, place a hamper near the bathroom door or if the bathroom is a large space then place it inside. There are double hampers available so you can place whites and colored clothes separately. Laundry will be easier if clothes are already separated. You can also place another hamper for clothes that need to go to the dry cleaner.

Some people have cabinets under the sink just like the ones in the kitchen. This is a good way to store bathroom cleaning supplies like mildew detergent, bathroom brush, toilet bowl sanitizer,etc.

Install hooks and towel racks to organize your towels. If you have your own bathroom then this is a neat way of drying your towel or robe after use. You can just hang them to air inside the bathroom. But if it is a common bathroom, then the hooks and towel racks will be a good place to hang items while using the bathroom.

Once you have organized and have disposed of clutter on the bathroom counter and floors, your bathroom will become a pleasant place to use. It is also convenient to clean the bathroom if there is no clutter.